My best friend and I decide on my 21st bday and his 22nd bday(same month)that we were going to Vegas. We booked our flights and each of us took all the money we had to our names. I had $3600 and he had $2200. On the flight there it begins, we get drunk in the airport and he passes out on the plane. No problem there but he’s the guy that you can kick in the head and he won’t wake up. We are approaching Vegas and the stewardess says you need to wake him up, shake him, pinch him, slap in the face twice he wakes up. We get to MGM and it was just like out of Vegas vacation, we were dying when the girl checking us in was trying to give us directions to the room. We get there, eat dinner and now the shit starts. We go down and play blackjack, we both win $500 and say let’s go to bed so we can party the next 4 days.

We wake up eat breakfast and it’s my buddies birthday, this was pre cell phones. I said meet back here around 2:00. We’ll 2:00 here he comes, FUCKIN hammerred! He sits down accross from and spills his beer on the blackjack table. Everyone is freakin out, no towels, chips getting beer on them, a mess. I pick my chips up and pull him aside. He says we gotta a problem. What’s that Robbie? I’m out of money. Go to the room and sleep for a while and get more money out of the safe. He says, no I mean I’m out of money. Wtf! We have 4 days left!! He sleeps for two hours and we decide to find a Lon shark(we are 21), we walk from the Mgm and realize loan sharks only give you money with collateral. Ok well that’s jacked. We are drunk as hell, stopping st every casino putting $1 in and waiting for waitress to get a drink.

Finally we walk into Stardust, shitfaced, I wanted to play roulette, he went to the bar. Key part of this story, I’m drunk, not very well lit table, and colorblind. I buy in for $100, I’m playing for hours, stacks of chips in front of me. The table is getting surrounded by people watching, girls standing beside me and I’m fucked up..bad. I look at my boy and he motions and lipped “let’s go now”. Now way I’m leaving I must have $700 in front of me. Two guys come over in suits and ask me where I’m staying, I say Mgm. They say, let’s get your chips and cash you out. I’m pissed, my boy comes over and said listen to them. We get the racks and when I reach to grab my chips, I notice the stacks have a $100 chip on top. Only it wasn’t one on top they were all black. $26,400 of black chips.

–  @markanthonyspo1 (Morgantown, WV, USA)

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