Ladies and gentlemen… the great George Clooney.

The Washington Post— George Clooney’s “perfect” tequila — so smooth it doesn’t burn the throat, require lime and salt or, apparently, induce a hangover — was only meant to be consumed by the actor and his friends. It was never meant to become a brand or a company.

But almost by accident, it did.

On Wednesday, spirits giant Diageo bought Casamigos for up to $1 billion.

Four years after Clooney and his two friends, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman, debuted their tequila brand Diageo announced it had acquired the company. Calling it “the fastest growing super-premium tequila brand in the U.S.,” Diageo said in a news release that the transaction went for an initial $700 million with another $300 million possible if sales go well.

How about our guy George Clooney?  In addition to all of his successes, he started a tequila company with his boys because they like to drink tequila together.  Fuck, he’s cool.  And of course it was going to end in a billion (with a B) dollar deal.  You’re not going to hear any of that “it’s about time Clooney caught a break” shit from us here at THE BOOK OF VEGAS.  The man is great.  Case closed.

I’ve also been a big fan of Clooney’s main man (and partner in Casamigos) Rande Gerber for a long time.  He’s created some of the greatest bars and nightclubs this world has ever seen.  The Whiskey at Green Valley Ranch was always a favorite of mine.  Oh, and just in case you didn’t know, he’s married to Cindy Crawford…

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