Beware of The Cooler

At the Palazzo, me, my wife and her friend went to Breakfast before they went to the spa. I’m hungover as hell, I tell them I’m going back to room to sleep. I only have $500 on me the rest is in the room. Walking through casino floor and say to myself go to bed!

I sit down at a $5 blackjack table with 4 guys. I start playing $50/hand, progressive betting one hand. The cards are good. One guy on my left gets up, I start playing two hands. I’m up $2000 now. The next guy gets up, start playing 3 hands. Shoe after shoe i keep winning. The guy to my right tell dealer he’d be back to save his seat. I asked the guy if I could play his spot too, he says sure go ahead. So I’m playing 4 hands, minimum betting $50, progressive betting, and the other guy left is betting $5/hand. He’s loving it, I’m up $5000. So now at this point, I have $300, $400, $300 and $500 out. Some kid sits down before the dealer deals the first card, buys in for $100….I say out loud the casino brought the cooler in! Cards dealt, dealer showing a 6!! I have 17, 11, 19 and 20. I double down the 11 for $800 and hit a 9. Dealer turns is card it’s a 5 and the next card is a Jack!!!! Cashed out and told the kid thanks for me costing me $1900!!! 2 years later and still can’t believe it!!!

The Maverick @markanthonyspo1

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