World’s Friendliest Drug Dealer

August 2016. Bellagio. My wife and I had just finished dinner at Le Cirque for her 30th birthday. Le Cirque is a very upscale French restaurant. Dinner for the two of us was over $600, and that didn’t include the bottle of wine. (Side note: French food is not for me. Another reason why the $600 meal for two was extra irritating.)

We’re getting off track here. Anyways…

Leaving dinner, I step onto the casino floor to have a smoke while my wife freshened up. A young man walks up to me with a big smile on his face and says, “Hello sir. Would you like any pills, cocaine or ecstasy?” Half drunk and a bit surprised by his candor, I ask him to repeat himself. And right on cue, “Would you like any pills, cocaine or ecstasy?” I’m now laughing because of how friendly this kid while offering me drugs is and I say, “I know what you just asked me but I have to hear you say it again.” “Would you like any pills, cocaine or ecstasy?” he asks a third time. But honestly, I didn’t want any pills, cocaine or ecstasy that night in the Bellagio so I politely declined his offer. He smiled again and told me to have a great night. We shook hands and went our separate ways. Nicest drug dealer I ever met. Good kid.

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